'Bachelor' Alum Kaity Biggar Shares A Wedding Update & The Canadian Fashion Brands She Loves

She and Zach have narrowed it down to three locations for the wedding.

Kaity Biggar. Right: Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross.
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Kaity Biggar. Right: Kaity Biggar and Zach Shallcross.

It's been several months since Kaity Biggar was featured on the latest season of The Bachelor and she says a lot has happened since then.

Biggar, who is originally from Kingston, Ontario, fell in love with and got engaged to Zach Shallcross on the 27th season of the reality show and she is sharing some fun updates on their new life together as they plan their wedding.

The couple has gone through many changes recently and Biggar says she loves getting to know more about her fiancé now that their relationship has been public since the finale aired in March.

Biggar spoke with Narcity while she was back in Canada visiting family and friends.

While the show involved a lot of prep and glam throughout filming, Biggar is much more low-maintenance when it comes to her daily routine and says there are some products she swears by.

The reality star shared all her lifestyle tips, including her favourite beauty items and Canadian fashion brands. She also revealed some wedding planning updates and which friends she made on The Bachelor she's still close with today.

Are Zach and Kaity from The Bachelor still together?

Yes, Zach Shallcross and Kaity Biggar are happily engaged and recently moved in together in Austin, Texas.

Biggar says she continues to fall in love with Shallcross "more and more every single day" that she spends with him.

"I know it sounds corny, but he's the most amazing man that I've met aside from my brother and my uncles," she said.

Where are you and Zach in terms of wedding planning?

In terms of wedding planning, Biggar says she and Shallcross want to have a destination wedding and they've narrowed it down to three options.

"We're thinking either Turks and Caicos, Bahamas or maybe Bora Bora," she told Narcity.

"We want to keep it small, simple and elegant and try and keep it under 60 people."

What was it like having to hide your relationship for so long?

Like with every couple that gets engaged on the show, Shallcross and Biggar had to hide their relationship once they got engaged and before the finale aired.

Biggar says the two of them would get to stay in a beautiful AirBnB in California during that time and that's when they got to know each other on a much more personal level.

"You only really get to know somebody so much on a TV show right? I knew Zach's morals and values and he's gonna be a great dad and he's gonna be a great husband, etc. But did I know how he likes his pizza? Did I know all this stuff? No, I didn't," she said and added that once they were finally able to go out in public it was a "weight lifted" off of them.

Are you still close with any of the girls from your season of The Bachelor?

Biggar says she made a lot of amazing friendships on The Bachelor and she continues to be close to a group she met on the show, including Gabi, Ariel, Mercedes, Jess and Davia.

Even though they are in different parts of the world, Biggar expresses that she's super grateful to have them as friends.

"Those are my girls," Biggar said. "We've gone to Florida twice together. We've got a trip coming up to Tulum in November all together."

While some fans of the show may wonder what happened between Biggar and Gabi Elnicki (the runner-up from Shallcross' season) after all the drama aired regarding the fantasy suite, Biggar explains there was a bit of awkwardness at first and it did take a bit of toll on their relationship.

However, she says they remain really close friends and adds that they were on a reality show and had to come to terms with things being “skewed" a certain way.

“Mentally I feel like I'm a very grounded, down to earth person and I feel like I have good head on my shoulders. I think that's what helped me compartmentalize everything too, because it was tough and tough watching it back," Biggar said.

Would you recommend going on The Bachelor to someone looking for love?

Biggar says she would 100% recommend going on The Bachelor to someone looking for love.

While she was skeptical about the process going into it, she did find her person in the end.

She also has some advice for any future contestants.

"I would just be cautious, have fun and be open, but I know it [the process] works," she shared.

"It's very unconventional, it takes a toll on you. You don't have your phone with you. You don't have your family, you don't have your friends. You don't want anything that grounds you."

What are your go-to spots when you're in Canada?

Biggar works as a travel nurse in Austin, Texas, but says she comes back to her hometown of Kingston, Ontario whenever she has some time off.

"It's a very historic beautiful place to live. There's a lot of restaurants but we're so fortunate to have a beautiful waterfront," she shared.

"In the summertime you will probably most likely see me at the pier with my friends throwing a football around or playing soccer and then we would obviously go to a patio."

Biggar also loves to get dolled up and go out if she's in Toronto.

"If I were in Toronto, you would probably see me at [The] Parlour, Ruby Soho. My favourite thing to do ever when I come home is go to Budweiser Stage and go to the concert. It's so fun, I love being outdoors."

What are your favourite Canadian clothing brands?

While the show was very glamorous, Biggar says she way more simple and easy-going when it comes to fashion in her daily life.

"I'm a big Zara fan, Winners, Marshalls. I feel like I find the best pieces at Marshalls," she shared.

As for Canadian brands, Biggar says she's a big fan of Dynamite, Roots and Lululemon.

"If I'm not wearing Marshalls, Winners or Dynamite, any of that, I am for sure in athletic wear and you're gonna see me in Lululemon."

What are your favourite beauty and hair products?

Biggar says she may not put a lot of money towards clothing, but that's because she prefers to allocate it for good quality skin products.

When it comes to her daily routine, the reality star says she loves La Roche Posay, which you can get at Shoppers Drug Mart.

The most expensive skincare product she owns is C E Ferulic from SkinCeuticals. She also loves Vichy 89 skin serum to hydrate and plump her skin and is a huge fan of Revive7 Lash Serum as well.

"It is like a holy grail. My eyelashes started to I feel like just fall of because we wear a lot of fake eyelashes on the show," Biggar shared. "It's so good. I love it."

As for her hair, the reality star says she's also trying to give it a break after having to style it so often during the filming of The Bachelor.

"I try not to put a lot of heat on my hair, especially after the show. I was doing my hair like three times a day, I'd be curling or straightening it."

Her favourite products are the K18 detox shampoo and treatment mask and she's big on using the Kérastase heat protectant.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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