Canada's Passport Continues To Be Ranked As One Of The World's Most Powerful

We're below the U.S. though.
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Best Passports In The World Ranking Has Canada In The Top 10

When it comes to the best passports in the world in 2021, Canada continues to be ranked as having one of the most powerful.

The Henley Passport Index was just released and it compares how 199 passports from around the globe have visa-free access to 227 travel destinations.

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Canada is tied for ninth with Australia in this ranking, with 185 visa-free destinations around the world that can be accessed with a Canadian passport.

Japan is in the number one spot with access to 193 destinations, while the U.S. is only slightly ahead of our country in seventh place with 187.

The historical ranking shows that Canada's passport has been in the top 10 since 2006 and reached its peak of second place in 2014, before starting a slow decline.

Lisa Belmonte
Trending Senior Staff Writer
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