This Southern US State Will Pay You $10K To Move There & Here's How To Apply

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The downtown area of Tuscumbia, AL. Right: A person looking at a bridge in Florence, AL.

The downtown area of Tuscumbia, AL. Right: A person looking at a bridge in Florence, AL.

Moving tends to dwindle the funds inside anyone's bank account, but did you know there are places all over the United States that will pay you to move there?

Through the Remote Shoals program, you can get $10,000 in cash just for moving to a tiny community located in the northwestern corner of Alabama.

Now, there are a few requirements before you're handed the money. The program is all about promoting the work-from-home lifestyle, so you must be employed as a full-time remote employee or be a self-employed independent contractor outside the Lauderdale and Colbert counties.

All applicants are required to be 18 or older and make a minimum of $52,000 yearly salary or more to be considered.

You must move to one of the four charming small towns of The Shoals, which include Muscle Shoals, Florence, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield, within six months of being approved.

Each city offers its own unique appeal with creative cultures, quiet historic downtowns, and plenty of nature to explore, so you probably will never be bored.

After all, you're only a short road trip to major cities like Birmingham, Atlanta, and Nashville.

You won't get the $10K entirely upfront because the program says it takes "careful planning to move to a new city." So, you'll receive the money in increments. First, you'll get $2,500 before you move, another $2,500 after your first six months living in The Shoals, and then the remaining $5,000 after a year of residing in the community.

Applications are currently open, so if you are eligible and want that $10K to move somewhere new, you can apply online.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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