If you missed out on Black Friday deals, this is your chance. The second major shopping holiday is approaching, and these Boxing Day shopping hacks in Canada will help save you money.

Long gone are the days where you had to rush to crowded stores. Now you can remain cozy at home and shop online in your loungewear.

So mark your calendar, as December 26 is your chance to treat yourself to all the gifts you wanted that weren't under the Christmas tree. 

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Make A List

Details: It is a good idea to make a prioritized list before Boxing Day of everything you want to purchase. When shopping, you can work your way down the list, starting with your most wished-for item.

Not only will this help remove the stress the day of as you'll have an organized plan, but it will help ensure you don't miss out on the best deals.

Shop Early

Details: Many retailers will have a limited-quantity of everything in their Boxing Day promotion. The day before you shop, make sure to research the exact time the deal starts.

Will it be midnight, 9 a.m., or perhaps later in the afternoon? You'll want to begin shopping online when the promotion starts to everything is still in stock.

Do Your Research

Details: Buying some electronics can be confusing. Not all 55" televisions are created equal. Do you want OLED vs QLED, Android vs Roku?

To help you understand what you are getting, research key terms beforehand to know what you want.

Comparison Shop Ahead Of Time

Details: Many retailers will have items like laptops, cameras, and televisions on sale. But some stores will have much better deals, so browse all the flyers and find the best price.

Use Coupon Codes

Details: When shopping online, you can sometimes apply a coupon on Boxing Day sales to make the deal even better. To find coupons, use the Honey extension for Chrome or search the store's name and the month.

Get Cash Back

Details: When shopping, you can get money back when using your cashback credit card, or you can use the website Rakuten.

Don't Get Trapped By The Deal

Details: Sure it is half price, but do you need it? It can be easy to get caught up in the sale, so make sure to ask yourself if this is a necessary purchase.