Burger King Canada’s New Fall Menu Is Super Spicy & Includes A Special Whopper

Something for all you heat seekers out there.

A Whopper from Burger King. Right: A Burger King sign.

A Whopper from Burger King. Right: A Burger King sign.

Whether Burger King Canada lives up to its royal name is up to you, but the fast food joint has just launched a bunch of new menu items that could help it live up to its reputation.

Just today, Burger King announced four new sandwiches that are going to be the thing to try for the heat-seeker in your life, because they all look like they'll be super spicy.

Each of the new menu items features the kick of jalapenos, which means you'll be able to fend off the incoming cooler fall weather with some heat and sweat — you might be able to go as far as tricking your body into thinking it's still summer!

The only non-chicken item is a Jalapeno Whopper, which is a whopper patty featuring jalapeno cheese, a jalapeno sauce and jalapenos. This sandwich is guaranteed to get jalapeno your business, costing only $8.99 and offer an Impossible Whopper option for those of you that don't eat meat.

As for the none beef option, you can get the Jalapeno Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Jalapeno Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the Jalapeno Chicken Wrap.

The Jalapeno Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which also goes for $8.99, has a breaded piece of chicken, also made with jalapeno cheese, sauce and resplendent with actual jalapeno.

The Spicy version of the sandwich is exactly the same but with a spicy piece of chicken rather than the regular!

If you're more into wraps, the wrap of this sandwich features a piece of breaded chicken, tomato, lettuce, jalapenos and their jalapeno sauce, all done up in a flour tortilla and will only run you about $2.99.

So, if you've been looking to burn your mouth a bit this fall, Burger King might be the place to jump into the fire.

If you're looking to be a little more spending conscious these days, the burger chain has also announced new snack boxes which mean for $5 you can get onion rings, fries and your choice of a four piece of chicken fries, mozzarella stick or chicken nuggets.

Not only are they coming out with these new savoury items, they also have announced a line up of brownies including brownie bites, the Brownie BK Blast and brownie shakes and sundaes.

These menu items are going to be available starting on September, so be sure to stop by your nearest location or place an order on the official Burger King app. And remember that prices may vary depending on the location!

We're just happy, or maybe a little disappointed, that Burger King Canada isn't bringing some of the wacky burgers they've released overseas such as the Real Cheese Burger from Thailand which is just 20 pieces of cheese between a bun.

Tristan Wheeler
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