12 Of The Most Memorable Videos In Canada Of 2020

A year full of shocking and heart-warming moments!
12 Of The Most Memorable Videos In Canada Of 2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end and it couldn’t come soon enough for many. But while some will be trying to put the year behind them, there were moments that will be hard to forget.

From helping a pigeon cross the street to playing chess in freezing cold water, these are just some of the memorable videos from 2020 that are worth rewatching.

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Ontario had its share of viral videos this year, like this one of a police officer who was spotted having some fun being a prop for a few bikers, who took turns jumping over him. The cop kept his composure the entire time, breaking into laughter only after the third rider made the jump.

There were a lot of amazing moments that came out of Alberta too, like this recording of a UPS deliveryman, who can be seen kindly shovelling the snow off the front porch of a customer after dropping off a package.

Did someone call a taxi? In this video, a man can be seen getting out of his car to help a pigeon cross the street at Yorkville in Toronto.

Only in Canada. This couple was spotted riding a canoe on wheels down Lakeshore Blvd. in Toronto. They even had paddles!

This clip of a collision at Chinguacousy Rd. and Bovaird Dr. in Brampton, Ontario, had many asking how this was even possible, where the right side of a Kia ended up on top of the hood of two other cars.

Raccoons are Toronto's unofficial mascot, so it should be no surprise that this one made the list after it was spotted in downtown Toronto doing some late-night window shopping.

Another car video that had to make this list. This vehicle was spotted driving along the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto with its hood up.

Toronto is abundant in wildlife, but usually, that wildlife is found outdoors. This squirrel was recorded roaming through a Metro grocery store. Which aisle are the nuts in again?

This scene showing a man holding on to the hood of a pickup truck, yelling “call the police”, as it drives around a parking lot in Toronto, allegedly unfolded after the leaping the man's parked car was hit by the person driving the truck, who attempted to flee after being asked to exchange information.

In early December, a transport truck was spotted on fire along the 427 at Burnhamthorpe in Etobicoke.

Not everyone looks forward when it comes time to shovelling snow, but that didn't appear to be the case with Max from Ottawa, who seemed to jump at the chance.

And finally, a chilling send off to 2020 with this clip of two guys playing a game of chess while neck-deep in frozen Oak Lake, Ontario.

Lance McMillan