Alberta Ends Its Vaccine Passport But Bars & Restaurants Can Still Deny Entry To Unvaccinated

It's "a commercial decision."

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Alberta Ends Its Vaccine Passport But Bars & Restaurants Can Still Deny Entry To Unvaccinated

Bars and restaurants across Alberta can choose to continue checking proof of vaccination before entry, despite the province scrapping its official vaccine passport system.

Premier Jason Kenney said that while there is no mandatory requirement for businesses to use QR codes to prove someone is vaccinated, if a business wants to continue using it, that is their right under the law.

"I would justsaythat'samatterofthefreemarket," Kenney said in a press conference on February 8. "Ifabusinesschoosestohaveapolicyofthatnature,thenthatmayappealtoacertainkindofcustomeranditmayturnawayotherkindsofcustomers.That'sacommercialdecision."

Kenney did express an interest in moving away from a vaccine passport-style system entirely.

He added: "IwouldloveitifwecouldmoveawayfromallofthisandnolongerhavetoproducetheQRcodes. [...] Theparadox,or theproblem,isthatwehavealotofAlbertanswho,especiallyduringthecoldwinterhere,lovetravelling, [...] andaslongasthereisafederalrequirementforprovincially issuedproof of vaccination,wehavetoofferthatasaservice."

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Kenney said that one of the things that concern him the most is the division and polarization between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in society.

Also in Tuesday's press conference, Kenney compared the stigmatization of unvaccinated people with the discrimination HIV/AIDS patients experienced during the 1980s, a comment that came under immediate criticism.

Kenney apologized for his comments on Wednesday, saying, "I made an inappropriate analogy to the stigmatization of people with AIDS. I was wrong to do so and apologize without reservation."

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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