Here's The Alberta Filming Locations You Can See In Episode 3 Of 'The Last Of Us' (PHOTOS)

Parts were filmed in an abandoned estate.

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Nick Offerman as Bill. Right: Sheep River Falls.

Nick Offerman as Bill. Right: Sheep River Falls.

The third episode of HBO's latest hit show, The Last Of Us, has aired and parts of Alberta were completely transformed to resemble a small town in the U.S.

The episode, titled "Long, Long Time," might have been the most gut-wrenching episode yet, focusing on the love story between Bill, played by Parks & Recreation's Nick Offerman, and Frank, played by The White Lotus' Murray Bartlett.

While previous episodes have jumped around all over the province from the Alberta Legislature building in Edmonton to Calgary's Fourth Ave. Flyover, the latest episode is mostly based in the small town of Lincoln, Massachusetts.

It was also a big week for The Last Of Us, with HBO announcing it has been renewed for a second season so here's hoping they head back to Alberta to film once again.

There may be spoilers ahead!

Sheep River Falls

After escaping from the infected at the Massachusetts State House, the episode starts with Joel and Ellie around 10 miles outside of Boston. The stunning mountains and rushing river aren't actually in the U.S. at all.

This scene was shot at Sheep River Falls, just over an hour away from Calgary.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

As Joel and Ellie make their way to Bill and Frank's compound in Lincoln, they're seen walking through a ton of Alberta's stunning landscape. One of the most recognizable points is the Shannon Terrace bridge in Fish Creek Provincial Park in Calgary.

Beachwood Estates

Beachwood Estates.

Beachwood Estates.

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Most of the third episode is set in Lincoln, the abandoned town that's home to Bill and Frank. According to Travel Alberta, the town was filmed at the abandoned Beachwood Estates in High River.

The neighbourhood was evacuated in 2013 due to a huge flood and it's now been repurposed as a natural floodway. However, the area is practically unrecognizable in the show with huge houses and secure fencing.

Scenes in a hardware store near Bill's town were filmed at a Lowe's in Calgary.

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