Alberta's Weather Forecast Is Calling For 'Hazardous Winds' & Driving Could Get Dangerous

Expect gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour!

Trees blowing in the wind. Right: A vehicle on the QE2 Highway in Alberta.

Trees blowing in the wind. Right: A vehicle on the QE2 Highway in Alberta.

The windy weather predicted in Alberta's fall weather forecast is finally here as wind gusts of up to 100 kilometres an hour are expected in the province.

In its forecast, The Weather Network (TWN) says parts of Alberta could see some strong winds and drivers in Southern Alberta could see some of the most intense gusts.

Strong winds in the province are due to a pattern change over Western Canada with Pacific lows streaming back into B.C.

TWN reports that all that moisture on the coast will lead to a "pile up of precipitation [on ] the Coastal and Rocky Mountain regions [and] strong downsloping winds" developing in Alberta's foothills.

On Thursday, foothills communities can expect some blustery conditions with wind gusts ranging between 80 to 100 kilometres an hour.

Drivers, especially those heading out on the southern stretch of the QE2 highway and parallel roads "should be prepared for hazardous wind gusts," said Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at TWN.

Southern areas and some parts of the far north of Alberta could also see winds raging at 80 kilometres an hour or more through Thursday as a cold front makes its way across the province.

Larger cities like Calgary will still see gusts of between 50 to 70 kilometres an hour.

However, the good news is there isn't likely to be too much snow or rain adding to the mix apart from in high-elevation parts of the Rockies.

"Some flurries and rain showers may creep further east into the foothill communities through Thursday and Friday morning though," TWN added.

The gusts are likely to calm down by Friday morning but the calm won't last for too long. Forecasters are watching for a "blast of very cold weather and Arctic air" that could hit the province next week so you might want to make sure your winter coat is out and ready.

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Charlie Hart
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