There's A Farm Near Calgary Where You Can Pick Your Own Cherries & Saskatoon Berries

Plus, it's super cheap!

Someone picking berries at Saskatoon Farm. Right: Someone at Saskatoon Farm.

Someone picking berries at Saskatoon Farm. Right: Someone at Saskatoon Farm.

Summer in the city has its perks but if you ever feel like escaping city life, you can head to this adorable farm just outside Calgary where you can wander through an orchard and pick your own sour cherries and Saskatoon berries.

Saskatoon Farm is less than 40 minutes from Calgary in the foothills and you can get a little taste of the countryside for the ultimate summer day out.

The farm is packed full of different activities with u-pick fields, a garden centre, a bakery, a restaurant farmers' market, and even some tortoises you can visit.

There's also an adorable old-fashioned street to explore with brightly coloured buildings and gorgeous greenery.

The farm has fields of Saskatoon berries and a sour cherry orchard where you can pick some sweet treats that are perfect for any home baking projects and grazing only costs $2 per person.

There's a farmers market on site with locally grown vegetables and a bakery with freshly baked bread and delicious treats like Saskatoon pie.

As mentioned above, you can also visit the farm's resident tortoises including giant Sulcatta tortoises and red-foot tortoises.

Saskatoon Farm

Price: $2 grazing fee per person

When: While supplies last

Address: #20 80181 338 av. E., Foothills County, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can escape city life for the day at this stunning farm just outside Calgary. You'll be able to pick your own berries and buy some delicious baked goods while you wander around.


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Charlie Hart
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