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BLM Is Being Labeled A ‘Police Hate Group’ In Calgary

A new article by a Calgary cop slams BLM.
BLM Is Being Labeled A ‘Police Hate Group’ In Calgary

A magazine published by the Calgary Police Association called 10-4 Back The Blue includes an article by Constable Geoff Hoover titled Smile and Nod. The article calls BLM a "police hate group" and has gained the attention of the leader of Calgary's Black Lives Matter Chapter, Kay Layton. 

In Hoover's article, he writes about the "irresponsible" behaviour of the media in providing a platform to "police hate groups, such as BLM and the dozens of splinter organizations that share a common theme of hating all things policing."

He says there have been daily attacks on policing as a profession following the death of George Floyd and the subsequent "resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement." 

Narcity has reached out to Calgary Police Service for comment and we will update this article when we receive a response. 

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Geoff Hoover

He continues to say that this "attack" on police "has manifested itself into a perfect storm of political correctness on meth."

Nearing the end of the two-page article, he writes "Regardless, it’s true that racism exists in the world and in all facets of society. However, having been a part of this organization for 12 years, I can assert from my own perspective that systemic racism does not exist in the Calgary Police Service." 

Kay Layton, Calgary's BLM leader, has called the article “extremely irresponsible,” according to the Calgary Herald. “We’ve never been anti-police. We’ve only been anti-racism and anti-crooked police officers and systemic racism,” Layton continued. 

Hoover's article says that complaining without offering a solution is "simply whining." So, he offers a solution. 

"I would like to suggest that we as members continue to do our jobs as we have always done, while doing our best to ignore the noise and weather the storm until it passes."

He finishes by saying "Gone are the days that we should simply smile and nod."

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