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'Karen's Diner' Is Coming To Calgary & You'll Get The Rudest Service Of Your Life

Don't even think about asking for the manager!

Calgary Staff Writer
A server at Karen's Diner. Right: The interior of Karen's Diner.

A server at Karen's Diner. Right: The interior of Karen's Diner.

Courtesy of Karen's Diner

A brand-new dining experience is coming to Calgary and while many strive for amazing service, this spot is taking a completely different approach.

Pop-up restaurant, Karen's Diner, has travelled all over the world and it's now heading to the city in November. Get ready, because great food and "awful service" are guaranteed.

The 1950s-style spot is the perfect place to "unleash your inner Karen" as you contend with rude service and singing waiters.

Don't let the dreamy interior fool you. You'll be served by some of the rudest waiters in the biz and any complaints will be met with a ton of sass and bad attitude.

If you're really unlucky the manager – who is "the most Karen Karen ever," according to the website – might even show up... just don't ask to see her.

The menu offers diner classics like burgers, loaded fries, and thick shakes.t There'll even be some Karen-inspired cocktails too!

Vegetarians and vegans will also have food options but don't for a second think Karen will be happy about it.

If you want to reserve your spot, tickets cost $17.50 per person and will be deducted from your bill.

If you're ready to go full Karen, this might be the place for you. But maybe keep your complaints to yourself or feel the wrath of Karen.

Karen's Diner

Price: $17.50 per adult

When: November 5 - 27, 2022

Cuisine: American

Address: Location TBC

Why You Need To Go: You can unleash your inner Karen at this 1950s style diner where your burgers and fries will come with a side of bad attitude.


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