Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided Canada's COVID-19 update on Friday, February 12.

Speaking about COVID-19 virus variants, Trudeau said that "the new variants that are more communicable, more easily transmitted, are increasingly out there so we need to stay careful."

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We’re also investing $53 million for an integrated Variants of Concern Strategy to help monitor variants like the ones first detected in the U.K. and South Africa. Justin Trudeau

He said that the country is putting its best experts on this to ensure "Canada is ready to detect, track, and treat new cases."

While COVID-19 cases may be going down, the prime minister explained that Canadians need to stay vigilant "if we’re going to make it through this spring in the best possible way to be able to enjoy a better future for all."

He continued to say that no one wants to see a third wave of the pandemic, "particularly not one comprised of new, more communicable variants that can cause real challenges."

Trudeau noted that Canada's new travel restrictions are in place to reduce the spread of the variants. 

In the same conference, the prime minister confirmed that all Canadians who want COVID-19 vaccines will be able to get them in September, as originally promised.