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Canada Goose Has Face Masks For Sale & Some Cost Close To $100

By this point in 2020, most people probably have a decent collection of face masks, and yet, Canada Goose has just started selling their own with a pretty hefty price tag.

The two different models are available on the company's website in two sizes and multiple colours, with the more expensive version costing $95 each.

This particular face mask features adjustable straps plus an additional branded headband for added comfort, in case you need to be wearing it for a long time.

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$95 For A Canada Goose Facemask

For something slightly less pricey, there is also an option that comes without the additional headband selling for $75.

Much like the company's jackets, all of the facemasks prominently feature the Canada Goose logo.

For comparison, similar masks have been available from Roots since April, but are priced much lower at $22.

There are also far less expensive options out there, such as a pack of five masks from Old Navy for $15.

No matter how much you spend on the essential item for this year, rising case numbers and public health mandates mean it's more important than ever to have some on hand.

The Western provinces are going to be in for some unsettled weather in the weeks ahead according to Canada's fall forecast.

The Weather Network released their forecast on September 14, and when it comes to the West, everything from "excessive rain" to an "early-season freeze" is up ahead.

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