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Canada’s Labour Day Weekend Weather Forecast Has Arrived & It’s Looking Chaotic

It's going to be a mixed bag depending on where you live.

Canada’s Labour Day Weekend Weather Forecast Has Arrived & It’s Looking Chaotic

The long weekend is almost upon us and you should definitely check out the Labour Day weather forecast if you're planning on spending some time enjoying the outdoors.

While it would be ideal to have beautiful sunny conditions from coast to coast, that unfortunately won't be the case for certain areas, according to The Weather Network (TWN).

West Coast

On Saturday, B.C. will feel just like fall, with rain and "unsettled conditions," according to TWN. The following day will be a teeny bit better, with the rain starting to weaken. On Monday, the province will have the "best weather in the country," so make sure you enjoy it.


The weekend will start with some showers coming in from Ontario that will make their way into parts of eastern Manitoba, followed by some straight-up nice weather on Sunday. Monday is also looking pretty nice for most of the area, except again for Manitoba, where things are expected to be "adverse," according to TWN.

Ontario and Quebec

Sorry, Ontario, but it looks like there are going to be showers and storms across the northern part of the province that'll make their way down to Southern Ontario by the evening. TWN predicts that on Sunday, both Ontario and Quebec are expected to see stormy conditions, but Southern Ontario looks like it'll be somewhat safer from the rain. On Monday, both Ontario and Quebec will see some showers, but Southern and Southwestern Ontario should be fairly dry.

Atlantic Canada

The East Coast is also in for a wet weekend with the leftovers from Ida sending clouds, rain, and wind on Saturday, according to TWN. Anfortunately, the rain is going to continue on Monday.

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