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Fall Forecast For 2021 In Canada Is All Over The Place

A new fall forecast for 2021 in Canada has been released and it's not going to be sweater weather right off the bat for most parts of the country when the season changes.

La Niña, the abnormal cooling of the surface water of the Pacific Ocean near the equator which can influence the jet stream and its impact on storms in North America, is expected to have an effect on the weather this fall, according to AccuWeather.

A stormier fall is being forecasted, especially for western parts of B.C., with above-normal rainfall. The province's south-central areas could get less rain and more wind.

It's expected to be colder than normal for parts of B.C., Yukon and Alberta and La Niña could bring early snowfalls for coastal mountain regions in B.C. through to the Rockies.

For the Prairies, storms to the north could stop cold and snow from dropping into the southern areas of the region and it's forecasted to be winder and drier than normal.

Fall is expected to be mild for most of eastern Canada with severe thunderstorms from the summer lingering into September. However, blasts of cold air could make their way through Ontario and Quebec later in the season.

In Atlantic Canada, it's likely that there will be above-normal temperatures because of high sea surface temperatures and an active storm track. That combination could also mean tropical storms and hurricanes maintaining their strength as they reach the region.

So, you might want to have your shorts, winter jackets and umbrellas ready!

It's never too early to start preparing for winter in Canada and the season could be colder than expected because of a weather phenomenon called La Niña.

The World Meteorological Organization has forecasted that there's a 40% chance La Niña might emerge between September and November and then re-emerge from November to January. This phenomenon is the large-scale cooling of the sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, which can affect weather around the world.

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