Canada Was Named As Having A Political Risk For The First Time Ever & It's Because Of The US

"When the U.S. sneezes, Canada catches a cold."

The convoy protest in Ottawa.

The convoy protest in Ottawa.

It's safe to say that Canadian politics have had an interesting time lately.

And we might be in for more interesting times ahead as Canada has just appeared in a list of the top political risks to the world in 2023.

According to new study by Eurasia Group, Canada's political polarization is something that the world should keep an eye on this year. This refers to the widening divides between political parties in the country.

This marks the first time that the Great White North has been mentioned in the list, which is published yearly by the global consulting firm. And apparently, we're being influenced by the U.S.

The report has listed Canada as a sub-particle under the eighth biggest risk, which is the political polarization in the United States.

While pointing out violence such as the Capital Riot and the widening divides between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S., the study has found that American-style polarization has come to Canada.

Things like the Trucker Convoy, which took place in Ottawa in 2022, and protests against vaccine mandates, have changed the political landscape of Canada, Eurasia Group stated in their report.

"In 2023," it stated, "deepening polarization and regional antagonism in Canada will add to growing political instability on the continent."

The study predicts that rural-urban and east-vest divides will be deepened by the political parties of Canada, egged on by some predicted financial hardships such as inflation, rising interest rates, and unemployment.

"When the U.S. sneezes, Canada catches a cold. Watch out for sniffles north of the border in 2023," the report states.

So, we could potentially see some more U.S.-style politics up here this year, although the extent of this remains to be seen.

America's political divides aren't the only thing that was deemed a political risk for 2023, as the number one risk named in the study is Russia, with its potential to become a "rogue state."

After that comes the power that China's President Xi Jinping wields, followed by concerns about AI, inflation, Iran, high oil prices and "arrested global development."

After that comes the aforementioned American division, then the boom of TikTok and, finally, worries about the world's clean water supply.

So, as Canada deals with its own unique political situation, it'll be interesting to see how things play out in 2023

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Tristan Wheeler
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