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Canada Is Experiencing Summer & Winter Right Now Depending On Where You Are

It may be November, but it appears as if Canada's weather is having a bit of an identity crisis, with temperatures from various regions seemingly stuck in two different seasons.

According to Environment Canada, today's hot and cold spots have a staggering 50-degree difference between them.

In Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia, it was a balmy 24.9 degrees, while way up north in Eureka, Nunavut, the temperature dipped to a frigid 34.9 degrees below zero.

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50 Degrees  The temperature difference between Canada's hot and cold spots

However, while these two areas represent the extremes for the country, there are seasonal differences to be found elsewhere, as well.

For example, Toronto is currently on the last day of a November heatwave, where temperatures were as high as 25.

Meanwhile, in Saskatchewan, the province was dealing with a massive winter storm that dumped huge amounts of snow.

Obviously, people living in the prairies don't need to think about when they will see their first snowfall anymore.

If these disparate weather conditions show anything, it's that the winter season could look quite different across the country.