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Winter 2020 In Canada Is Going To Look Very Different From Coast To Coast

Snow, cold, but also mild temperatures. ⛄️
Canada Winter Forecast For 2020 Is Going To Look Different Across The Country

As much as we probably don't want to think about it, winter is still coming. The snowy season may officially still be a few weeks away, but Canada's winter forecast for 2020 gives us an idea of how it will look. Across the country, people will be experiencing a mixed bag of weather.

The Farmer's Almanac has released its preview of how winter is going to look in Canada, and some of the predicted weather patterns might actually be surprising to some.

However, there will still be some of the same cold temperatures, snow, and ice that Canadians have come to expect. 

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Where will it be the coldest?

While most Canadians can't quite get away from the drop in temperatures that winter brings with it, there are some areas that are expected to be far colder than anywhere else.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts that the prairies will have to deal with bitterly frigid weather. That means people in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta should prepare to bundle up for the season.

Northern Ontario is also included among the regions that will have to endure a chillier winter, as well as the eastern regions of British Columbia.

Environment Canada's seasonal forecast similarly predicts that these areas will likely have temperatures dipping below normal from November into January.

Which areas will get the most snow?

With winter comes snow, and some regions of the country are expected to get more of the white stuff than others.

While there has already been snowfall in parts of Alberta, it's actually western Quebec and Ontario that the Farmer's Almanac reports will be dealing with the biggest piles of powder this season.

The second week of January is predicted to be a heavy-hitter in terms of snow, with massive amounts hitting both provinces.

Ontario and Quebec aren't the only places that could be dealing with a lot of winter precipitation.

The Almanac says that Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia could get fair amounts of snow as well, with blizzardy conditions also predicted to hit the Maritimes in February.

Where will it be mild?

When winter is about to hit, the question is whether it's going to be mild and easy to handle or if it's going to be harsh and long. Canada will actually be getting a little bit of both depending on the region.

The Maritimes, apart from the predicted February blizzard, are expected to experience much milder temperatures than normal this year, according to the Farmer's Almanac

Quebec and Ontario could end up having a mix of different weather this winter.

The Almanac expects both provinces to get periods of both unseasonable warmth as well as bitter cold, with the two extremes averaging out to regular season temperatures.

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