The Prairies Are In For A Rough Week With Winds Up To 80km/hr & A Big 'Temperature Plunge'

Bad news for Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. 🥶
Canada Weather: The Prairies Are In For A Rough Week With Freezing Winds Up To 80km/hr

Canada's weather can be unpredictable. From seasonal highs one day to all-time lows the next, it's always a wild ride. 

On the week of Monday, January 18, the Canadian Prairies can look forward to some intense winds, plunging temperatures, and even "whiteout conditions," according to The Weather Network

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Two clipper systems will bring a swath of snow and powerful winds to the Prairies this week, followed by a gradual temperature plunge. The Weather Network

Between Monday and Wednesday, a big old clipper will extend from Alberta all the way to North Dakota, blowing gusts of snow into Saskatchewan.

"This system is expected to bring 5-10 cm of snow and powerful wind gusts, which will develop on the backside of the system into Wednesday," writes The Weather Network.

Wednesday afternoon is when the serious winds will set in with speeds of up to 80 km/hr in the prairies. 

The frigid air will swoop in later in the week. 

"The city of Edmonton, Alberta for example, will start the week 10°C above seasonal, and finish it 10°C below," says Weather Network meteorologist Kevin MacKay.

Temperatures will remain extremely cold for the last week of January. 

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