These Are Canada's Best 100 Restaurants In 2023 & Canuck Foodies Will Want To Take Note

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The interior of Mon Lapin. Right: A pepper strudel from Mon Lapin.

The interior of Mon Lapin. Right: A pepper strudel from Mon Lapin.

Canada's 100 Best Restaurants List 2023 has just been released and it sheds light on the best, most underrated, and most delicious culinary destinations across the whole country.

Every year Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants reveals the crème de la crème of dining establishments, and this year, a team of 135 judges has contributed to the selection process.

In the top spot is Montreal’s Mon Lapin. The restaurant – which also featured on last year's list in sixth position – is known for its fresh cuisine and playful bunny theme

In the second position was Toronto's Alo. The restaurant is especially known for its blind tasting menu, with seats regularly selling out weeks beforehand, so it’s not all too surprising that it made the cut.

Published on Main in Vancouver takes the third position, offering a swanky atmosphere and creative dishes.

While restaurants in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal dominate the top 10, several spots from other parts of the country also make the list, including The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette in Jordan Station and Langdon Hall in Cambridge.

Noteworthy additions to the top 10 this year include AnnaLena and Kissa Tanto in Vancouver and Beba in Quebec. In fact, as many as 25 restaurants made their debut on this year's ranking.

Thinking about treating yourself in the near future? Here's a look at the full list:

What are Canada's 100 Best Restaurants in 2023?

  1. Mon Lapin (Montreal)
  2. Alo (Toronto)
  3. Published on Main (Vancouver)
  4. Edulis (Toronto)
  5. The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette (Jordan Station, ON)
  6. St. Lawrence (Vancouver)
  7. Langdon Hall (Cambridge)
  8. Beba (Verdun)
  9. AnnaLena (Vancouver)
  10. Kissa Tanto (Vancouver)
  11. 20 Victoria (Toronto)
  12. Bar Kismet (Halifax)
  13. Major Tom (Calgary)
  14. Giulia (Toronto)
  15. Pichai (Montreal)
  16. Monarque (Montreal)
  17. Prime Seafood Palace (Toronto)
  18. Canoe (Toronto)
  19. Sushi Masaki Saito (Toronto)
  20. Hawksworth (Vancouver)
  21. Montréal Plaza (Montreal)
  22. River Café (Calgary)
  23. D.O.P. (Calgary)
  24. Joe Beef (Montreal)
  25. Mimi Chinese (Toronto)
  26. Quetzal (Toronto)
  27. L'Abattoir (Vancouver)
  28. Moccione (Montreal)
  29. Dreyfus (Toronto)
  30. Salle Climatisé (Montreal)
  31. Alice (Ottawa)
  32. Giulietta (Toronto)
  33. Pluvio (Ucluelet, BC)
  34. Hexagon (Oakville)
  35. Don Alfonso 1890 (Toronto)
  36. 36 Gia (Montreal)
  37. Eight (Calgary)
  38. Bernhardts (Toronto)
  39. Cabaret l'Enfer (Montreal)
  40. Shoushin (Toronto)
  41. Le Mousso (Montreal)
  42. Portage (St. John's)
  43. Boulevard (Vancouver)
  44. Mott 32 (Vancouver)
  45. Toqué! (Montreal)
  46. Pompette (Toronto)
  47. The Pine (Collingwood, ON)
  48. Paloma (Montreal)
  49. Riviera (Ottawa)
  50. Île Flottante (Montreal)
  51. Oca Pastificio (Vancouver)
  52. Masayoshi (Vancouver)
  53. Nora Gray (Montreal)
  54. Bearfoot Bistro (Whistler)
  55. Mastard (Montreal)
  56. L'Express (Montreal)
  57. Drift (Halifax)
  58. Bouillon Bilk (Montreal)
  59. Deer and Almond (Winnipeg)
  60. La Cabane d'à Côté (St-Benoît de Mirabel, QC)
  61. Chez St. Pierre (Rimouski, QC)
  62. Arlo (Ottawa)
  63. Supply and Demand (Ottawa)
  64. The Bicycle Thief (Halifax)
  65. Café Boulud (Toronto)
  66. Wild Blue (Whistler)
  67. Willow Inn (Hudson, QC)
  68. Le Vin Papillon (Montreal)
  69. Cioppino’s (Vancouver)
  70. Maison Publique (Montreal)
  71. Tojo (Vancouver)
  72. Otto (Montreal)
  73. Maenam (Vancouver)
  74. Café Lunette (Halifax)
  75. Lulu Bar (Calgary)
  76. The Inn at Bay Fortune (Bay Fortune, PEI)
  77. Lonely Mouth Bar (Calgary)
  78. Arvi (Quebec City)
  79. Burdoch and Co. (Vancouver)
  80. Parcelles (Austin, QC)
  81. Jun I (Montreal)
  82. Shokunin (Calgary)
  83. Place Carmin (Montreal)
  84. Biera (Edmonton)
  85. Perch (Ottawa)
  86. Tinc Set (Montreal)
  87. Milos (Montreal)
  88. 88 Atelier (Ottawa)
  89. Rge Rd (Edmonton)
  90. La Tanière (Quebec City)
  91. Alma (Toronto)
  92. La Quercia (Vancouver)
  93. Le Serpent (Montreal)
  94. Okeya Kyujiro (Montreal)
  95. Lupo (Banff)
  96. North & Navy (Ottawa)
  97. Gitanes (Ottawa)
  98. Maque (Winnipeg)
  99. Park (Montreal)
  100. Richmond Station (Toronto)

Canada's Best 100 Restaurants list for 2023 gives just a glimpse into the culinary treasures waiting to be explored here, no matter where in the country you live.

From Montreal's Mon Lapin to Ottawa's 88 Atelier and Winnipeg's Maque, these top-ranked establishments promise an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you're a serious foodie or simply looking to treat yourself as a one-off, this list provides a good guide as to where to start.

Happy eating, Canada!

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