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Canada's Total COVID-19 Cases Topped 1 Million & This Map Shows Where They Were

Two regions have confirmed less than 100 cases overall.👇
Canada's COVID-19 Case Count Topped 1 Million & This Map Shows Where They Were

Over a year after the country’s first confirmed case, Canada’s total COVID-19 case count has topped 1 million.

New data shared by the federal government on April 3 revealed that 1,000,545 cases have now been reported across all of Canada’s provinces and territories.

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Government of Canada

A map of the statistics shows that 358,558 of cases were in Ontario, while 314,958 were in Quebec.

The Northwest Territories has had the lowest overall number of cases, reporting just 42 in total. Yukon follows, having confirmed 74 COVID-19 cases during the pandemic so far.

Of the 1,000,545 total cases, 56,036 are currently considered to be active. The data shows that 921,459 Canadians across the country have now recovered from the illness.

The Windsor Regional Hospital in Ontario opened an additional COVID-19 assessment centre for children on August 31.

The Paediatric Urgent Medical Assessment (PUMA) opened amid an increase in the need for pediatric testing, the chief nursing executive at Windsor Hospital, Karen Riddell, told Narcity.

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This Map Shows Just How Bad Ontario's COVID-19 Situation Has Become (PHOTO)

The one province makes up nearly half of all active cases in Canada.

The reality of Ontario's third wave is well-known within the province, but the situation really stands out against the rest of Canada.

As of Saturday, April 17, Ontario had more than double the number of cases than anywhere else in the country, with officials recording 40,694 active cases of COVID-19.

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Trudeau Reached Out To 3 Atlantic Premiers About How To 'Help' Ontario Right Now

The PM said Ontario's COVID-19 cases are "rapidly rising."

In response to the “rapidly rising” number of cases of COVID-19 in Ontario, Justin Trudeau reached out to provincial leaders from across the country.

In a tweet on Saturday, April 17, the PM revealed he’d spoken with three Atlantic premiers about how they could help Ontarians “get through this third wave.”

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Ontario's Stay-At-Home Order Needs To Be Extended To 6 Weeks, Says Top Doctor

If it's not extended, the province could see 15,000 cases daily.

On Friday, Ontario's updated COVID-19 modelling data was presented, painting a severe picture within the province.

According to data provided by Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, co-chair of Ontario's COVID-19 science advisory table, in order to avoid cases surging above at least 15,000 daily, Ontario's stay-at-home order needs to be extended to six weeks rather than the current four.

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