Canada's New Travel Rules Are Starting Tomorrow & Here's What That Means

Travellers will need to get prepared! 🧳
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Canada's New Travel Rules Are Starting Tomorrow & Here's What That Means

On Monday, February 22, Canada’s new travel rules will kick in. This means anybody entering the country via air will need to be extra-prepared to avoid any issues when they land.

From this date onwards, all air passengers will be required to stay in a government-approved hotel for at least three nights — a requirement that will be paid for by the traveller.

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$2,000 The cost of a quarantine hotel stay

Starting Monday, anybody entering Canada via air borders will also be required to take at least three COVID-19 tests.

This includes a test in the 72 hours prior to boarding a flight, a test upon arrival in the country and a third test during the traveller’s two-week mandatory quarantine period.

Before being allowed to head to their final destination, all air passengers will also be required to stay in one of Canada’s quarantine hotels.

The facilities, which were confirmed this week, are all located close to arrival airports and will offer services like transportation, 24/7 security and meals.

The guest will be expected to foot the bill for their multi-night stay, which will cost around $2,000 but may vary depending on the hotel’s location.

Failure to comply with the country’s new restrictions could result in fines of up to $750,000 and even jail time.

While Canada continues to ramp-up the restrictions in an attempt to stop non-essential travel in and out of the country, some travellers have already found loopholes allowing them to bypass the hotel quarantine altogether.

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