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One of Canada's favourite hardware stores was making the rounds on Twitter. However, Canadian Tire might not have been happy with the discussion it got wrapped up in. It started trending in connection to a Nazi symbol.

It all started with Trump campaign posts shared on Facebook. The Hill reports that the ads, which ran on pages for President Trump, Vice President Pence and "Team Trump," featured an inverted red triangle.

This was a mark used by Nazis to designate political prisoners at concentration camps.

Facebook removed the ads, saying that they violated the platform's policy against organized hate.

The triangle, which the Trump campaign claimed is a common Antifa symbol, also bore a resemblance to the instantly recognizable Canadian Tire logo.

Canadians on Twitter instantly picked up on the similarity and tweeted about it enough to get the store trending.

People seemed to think that being upset about the triangle's use in a political ad designed to attack the President's political opponents equated to being angry about the hardware store's logo as well.

"Looks like Canadian Tire is going to get canceled next," wrote @jwstewart67.

"Facebook might wanna have a little talk with Canadian Tire...
Just sayin'" tweeted @1Kishka.

However, the store logo's similarity to the Nazi symbol is purely coincidental.

As explained by the company itself in a tweet from all the way back in 2012, the inverted red triangle was chosen as the logo because its founder wanted something instantly recognizable to put on the front of an oil can.

As some parents have pointed out on Twitter, kids seem to think that the logo actually just looks like a giant strawberry. They're probably pretty disappointed when they see the chain mostly just sells tools.

The famous hardware store is apparently still popular in the True North, as people flocked in huge numbers when locations started reopening last month.

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