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Carole Baskin Is Suing Netflix Over 'Tiger King 2' & She's Mad About Being The 'Villain'

She wants Netflix to cut her out of the sequel right meow 😾

Carole Baskin Is Suing Netflix Over 'Tiger King 2' & She's Mad About Being The 'Villain'

Sorry all you cool cats and kittens, but Carole Baskin doesn't want to be in Tiger King 2.

Carole and her husband, Howard Baskin, filed a lawsuit against Netflix and the show's production company on Monday, claiming that they didn't agree to be in any sequels to the original Tiger King.

The Baskins want the court to step in and delay the show's November 17 release until she can be taken out of it entirely. They also want to be removed from all promotional material for the show, including the trailer that dropped last week.

A judge rejected Carole's request to delay the show on Monday, but it looks like she'll continue to fight the show in public until it comes out.

The show's first trailer dropped last week and it seems that the new season will focus more on Jeff Lowe, who was put in charge of Joe Exotic's G.W. Zoo in the first season.

Tiger King 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix youtu.be

The lawsuit makes it clear that Carole is still angry about being portrayed as a "villain" in the first season, which the lawsuit says implies that Carole was involved in the disappearance of her first husband.

Carole says she's faced a lot of hate since the series aired, although she's also enjoyed a new level of fame. She became a popular news and talk show guest in the U.S., and she even landed a gig on Dancing With The Stars. Still, it sounds like she wants to leave it there and avoid a second round of potential Netflix infamy.

The Baskins signed a release to be in the documentary in 2016 and later signed an updated agreement when the title changed in 2018, according to their lawsuit.

Camera crews filmed them for about 10 days over five years, according to the lawsuit. The Baskins refused to shoot any more footage for the sequel.

In other words, there won't be any post-Tiger King footage of Carole Baskin in part two.

Netflix has not commented on the news so far, but it sounds like it won't be enough to stop the second season from airing later this month.

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