CBSA Says Hundreds Of People Have Been Caught With Fake Tests & Vax Passports At The Borders

This has happened at both land and air ports of entry in Canada.

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CBSA Says Hundreds Of People Have Been Caught With Fake Tests & Vax Passports At The Borders

According to data from the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), it turns out that travellers are trying to circumvent the federal government's rules by showing fake travel documents to get into the country.

In a statement shared with Narcity, CBSA revealed that there have been hundreds of cases where people were caught trying to enter Canada at both land and air borders with suspected fake or fraudulent COVID-19 test results and proof of vaccine certificates.

As of October 31, CBSA officers have intercepted 374 instances of people with suspected false or fraudulent COVID-19 test results at ports of entry in Canada. There were 160 cases of people travelling by air and 187 by land.

By that same date, there were 92 cases of people trying to enter the country with suspected falsified or fraudulent vaccine passports.

"All of these individuals were referred to PHAC for further assessment and possible enforcement," a statement from the border agency sent Narcity says.

According to CBSA, someone who submits false information about their vaccination status could get a fine of up to $750,000 and/or six months in jail.

Foreign nationals who provide false information could be denied entry or even banned from returning to Canada.

As of November 30, Canada's travel rules have been updated and all travellers who are aged 12 years or older must show proof of vaccination to travel within Canada. A negative COVID-19 test result is no longer accepted as an alternative to being fully vaccinated.

The federal government has also introduced new travel restrictions because of the Omicron variant that bans the entry of some foreign nationals and mandates quarantine for other travellers.

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