Tirachard Kumtanom | Dreamstime, @bradsdeals | Instagram

We're no strangers to impulse shopping.

Besides popular items like cooling blankets and pimple patches, people have been spending their money on really interesting stuff lately.

From the practical to the peculiar, here's everything Narcity readers have bought on Amazon Canada.

Mini Makeup Fridge


Price: $56.99

Details: Beauty aficionados know the importance of storing certain eye creams and face masks at a cooler temperature. This pink fridge is 10 inches wide and 7.5 inch deep with two shelves that will keep your skincare products fresh.

$56.99 On AMAZON

Fish Slippers


Price: $24.67

Details: There's nothing wrong with treating yourself to a novelty item every now and then. These slippers would certainly turn heads at the cottage or the beach. If your dad or brother love fishing, this would make a really cool gift.

$24.67 On AMAZON

Back Massage Cushion


Price: $136.99

Details: This personal Shiatsu massager is like a trip to the spa. It offers soothing heat and multi-level vibrations to help ease tension in your lower and upper back, shoulders and even thighs. If you spend a lot of time hunched over a laptop, this is a must-have.

$136.99 On AMAZON

Ritz S’mores


Price: $2

Details: Some of you have the munchies and it shows! These s'mores-flavoured Ritz crackers have piqued our interest this week now that park hangs and backyard gatherings are in full swing again.


Neon Cactus Sign


Price: $23.99

Details: A funky neon sign like this can elevate any bedroom, home office or special event. Maybe you're planning a desert-themed birthday party this summer?

$23.99 On AMAZON

V for Vendetta Halloween Masks


Price: $13.99

Details: Halloween is over four months away, but kudos to those who love getting a head start. It seems a ton of you are going for the V For Vendetta/Money Heist look this year.

$13.99 On AMAZON

Professional Barber Kit


Price: $95.99

Details: We all want, nay, NEED haircuts right now but with salons still closed in Ontario, a lot of us have resorted to the DIY method, hence why sales for hair clippers are through the roof.

$95.99 On AMAZON

Hammock Stand with Carrying Case


Price: $107.99

Details: If you have a huge outdoor space, then this purchase is warranted. This hammock comes with its own carrying case so you can pick it up and take it with you to the cottage or park.

$107.99 On AMAZON

USB Rechargeable Mini Handheld Fan


Price: $36.97

Details: With this heat that we've been having lately, a handheld fan is a must. This one has a built-in LED light so it can also be used as a flashlight. Another cool thing: the tripod doubles as a phone holder.

$36.97 On AMAZON

Japanese Imported Candy


Price: $7.99

Details: A lot of impulse shoppers are raving about these fizzy candies. The bag carries a bunch of different flavours like cola, melon and grape and people love how they "burst out like sparkling bubbles in the mouth."

$7.99 On AMAZON

Outdoor Security Camera


Price: $109 ($129.99)

Details: Seems like the 20% discount was enticing for some shoppers. This cam is waterproof, easy to mount and has 50 feet night vision range. A great investment if you're looking for peace of mind while you sleep or go away on vacation.

$109 On AMAZON