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Going furniture shopping can be a daunting task especially when stores like Ikea and Structube are closed and you can't sit on every bed, couch and chair like some sort of Canadian Goldilocks.

Surprisingly enough, Amazon Canada has an affordable and stylish collection of furniture whether you're into the vintage/art-deco aesthetic or a more modern look.

Of course, not everyone is into the idea of buying furniture without having seen and touched it in person, though, but it's good to know the option is there if we desperately need new things.

The mega conglomerate also rolled out the Amazon Showroom that lets you customize furniture in a virtual room. The online tool is designed to make online furniture shopping a more visual experience.


Here, you can take Amazon items and mix and match them to your liking. You can change the colour of the floor and walls in any room, add or remove wall hangings, curtains, rugs and things like that. You can really get in the zone and have a lot of fun with it as HGTV reruns play gently in the background.

Here are a couple cute & cheap furniture pieces you can expect to find on Amazon Canada.

Jackie Loveseat Sofa


Price: $388.80

Details: A loveseat like this one is perfect for small condos because it doesn't take up too much space but it's still soft and comfortable to sit on for hours on end. There are plenty of other couches to choose from if you don't fancy this one.

$388.80 on AMAZON

Zinus Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed

Price: $247.79

A queen-sized bed frame? For less than $250? Get out of here! We're not lying when we say Amazon has a lot of cheap furniture. This bed (available in twin or king, too) is raised so you can store as many boxes as you want underneath. You can shop for other bedroom furniture like vanities, mattresses and dressers, too.

$247.79 on AMAZON

Mr. Ironstone Folding Computer Desk


Price: $95.99 ($105.99)

Details: This could easily be the most versatile piece you have in your home. It can function as a desk for your home office, a kitchen cart or a console table in your hallway. The top is made out of laminate marble which looks expensive but isn't. For a hundred bucks, it's a steal.

$95.99 on AMAZON

DlandHome Dining Table With 2 Benches


Price: $159.80 ($188)

Details: You can shop different dining sets on Amazon so you can get your table and chairs all from the same place at the same time. This design is sort of modern, sort of rustic, and made out of a sturdy, hick steel frame so nothing wobbles while you're trying to eat your meal.

$159.80 on AMAZON