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All Canadian Cineplex Theatres Are Opening This Week & You Can Finally Go VIP Again

They have advanced screenings of Tenet!
Cineplex Reopening In Canada Will Be Complete On Friday With All Theatres Showing Films

Moviegoers rejoice, it's showtime! The Cineplex reopening will finally be complete on Friday with every single theatre in the country showing films once more. That includes VIP theatres so you can watch a flick in style again.

From coast to coast on August 21, every single one of Cineplex's 164 theatres in Canada will be open including the 22 VIP locations.

That's 1,687 screens available for you to watch movies on again.

This is quite an accomplishment because the Canadian theatre giant is the first major film shower in the world to completely reopen all of its theatres.

To celebrate the return and welcome people back in, theatres will have screenings of movies that have never been shown in North America before.

Christoper Nolan's Tenet hits Cineplex theatres on August 27 and there are special advance screenings happening the night before.

You can get tickets online or through the app.

If you want to go see a new movie right now, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run and Unhinged are both currently screening at theatres.

Those premieres happened in Canada before the U.S. which could be a film first! 

Plus, with VIP spots opening up, you can finally go and watch a flick in style again with big comfy seats, tasty treats and luxurious cocktails.

Even though theatres are reopening and it might feel like we're getting back to normal, there is still a pandemic going on so Cineplex has health and safety protocols in place.

All theatres have enhanced cleaning with a particular focus on high touch surfaces like seats and bathrooms.

There is reserved seating in every single auditorium with spots automatically blocked off to ensure physical distancing.

Reduced capacity is also helping with that.

Snack options are also being limited to popcorn and other movie theatre classics.

Debit and credit payments for concessions and tickets are being encouraged instead of cash.

You can get free small bag of popcorn at theatres across the country until August 26 when you show your SCENE card.

However, that deal lasts until August 31 in Alberta.