7 Companies In Canada That Offer Attractive Perks To Employees & They're All Hiring Right Now

Who doesn't love an employee discount?

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A cineplex in Canada. Right: Canadian railway.

A cineplex in Canada. Right: Canadian railway.

Looking for a job in Canada? It's not always easy to find the right position, but the benefits offered might just tip the scales for one job over another.

There are plenty of companies hiring in Canada right now that have employee discounts, benefits and other perks that might make working for them a little sweeter.

So, from discounts to pension programs, here are some stellar benefits from companies currently hiring.

Tim Hortons

Salary: Varies

Company: Tim Hortons

Who Should Apply: A position at Timmies is perfect for anyone who might be on the lookout for a job that not only comes with good benefits, like retirement plans, but a good discount too.

According to a Reddit thread with people claiming to be former and current employees, you could get discounts of up to 50% depending on your location (with some caveats!).

Not too shabby, especially if you're a doughnut fan!

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Salary: Varies

Company: Amazon

Who Should Apply: This mega-corp not only provides retirement, health and dental benefits, but if you work for them, you can also get a blanket employee discount.

If you work for Amazon, you can get a general 10% discount on everything sold on the Canadian Amazon site, and that means everything!

They also have "hundreds of local and national discounts on goods and services such as food, entertainment and travel."

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Salary: Varies

Company: Sobeys

Who Should Apply: This large grocery store company has branches across Canada and boasts some great perks for employees.

If you work for a Sobeys store, you get a general 10% discount on the first $150 you spend every week.

Along with that, there are health and dental insurance options, plus basic life insurance plans too.

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TD Bank

Salary: Varies

Company: TD

Who Should Apply: If working in the financial sector is your thing, banking giant TD has some worthwhile perks for its employees.

On top of financial plans like retirement, pension and employee share ownership, you also get "comprehensive benefits and wellness plans."

They even have emergency childcare options for their workers.

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Canadian Pacific Railway

Salary: Varies

Company: Canadian Pacific Railway

Who Should Apply: Toot-toot! All aboard! For any railway enthusiasts out there, CP actually has a pretty good benefit and perk program.

They offer health and dental insurance, a pension plan and a share purchase program for employees to buy shares in the rail company.

And, if you love rail travel, there's an employee discount as well.

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Salary: Varies

Company: Lululemon

Who Should Apply: Working for the athleisure giant is a good option, even if only for that sweet employee discount alone.

The shopping website Rather Be Shopping claims that the discount can be as high as 60% for full-time employees, which is massive!

And this is on top of things such as health benefits and free fitness classes.

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Salary: Varies

Company: Cineplex

Who Should Apply: A job perfect for cinephiles.

It's a great job option for anyone out there who goes to the movies all the time anyway. On top of the benefits, you get free movies as well as popcorn.

Honestly, do you need to hear any more?

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