Canada’s Highest Paying Entry-Level Jobs Were Revealed & You Could Make $75K A Year

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A woman working on a laptop. Right: Canadian currency.

A woman working on a laptop. Right: Canadian currency.

If you're looking to make some big bucks, you'll want to brush off your CV and get to applying for these high-paying entry-level jobs in Canada.

According to the job site Indeed, "an entry-level job is typically the most junior position in an organization" and can be a jumping-off point for new grads or experienced professionals looking for a new career path.

While making good money is important, Indeed notes that overall, the "best job for you depends on your skills, interests, goals, core values and education."

Here are the top 15 high-paying entry-level jobs and their national average salary, according to Indeed:

  • Public relations assistant, $16.66 per hour
  • Social media manager, $17.58 per hour
  • Marketing associate, $19.60 per hour
  • Copywriter, $48,947 per year
  • Human resources specialist, $22.03 per hour
  • Paralegal, $50,941 per year
  • Sales representative, $56,237 per year
  • Web developer, $27.30 per hour
  • IT technician, $59,179 per year
  • Financial analyst, $61,905 per year
  • Database analyst, $30.28 per hour
  • Environmental engineer, $68,298 per year
  • User experience designer, $75,287 per year
  • Registered nurse, $37.53 per hour
  • Dental hygienist, $39.24 per hour

If some of these roles sound daunting as entry-level positions, don't fear!

"These roles typically require less responsibility and experience than mid-level or management positions," notes Indeed. "Entry-level employees may also receive more training than those in senior roles, and these positions are typically the starting point for professionals hoping to launch a career in a specific industry or start a new career overall."

As well, if you have any extra skillsets like being fluent in another language, make sure you highlight it as it could be a way into a career path — for instance, if you're bilingual, you could make up to $100K with some jobs.

Happy job hunting, folks!

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Sarah Rohoman
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