Canada's Positive Percentage Of COVID-19 Tests Is Way, Way Up This Week At Almost 6%

Dr. Tam shared the new stat.
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COVID-19 In Canada: 5.8% Of People Who Were Tested In The Last Week Got Positive Results

With COVID-19 in Canada still reaching new highs, the positivity rate for the whole country over the last week almost reached 6%.

Dr. Theresa Tam tweeted new COVID-19 numbers for the entire country on November 12.

In the past week, an average of 54,668 people were tested daily and about 5.8% of them got back a positive result.

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5.8% positivity rate in Canada over the last week

Anything that's over 3% is considered high and anything that's 8% or more is very high.

So 5.8% is close to being very high.

The positivity rate for the entire country does drop though when it comes to the pandemic as a whole.

Dr. Tam also tweeted that 10,097,037 people have been tested for COVID-19 in Canada to date with around 2.6% getting back positive results.

While Canada's case count is lower than other countries and evens some U.S. states, there is still some cause for concern because of high numbers.

Recently, Justin Trudeau said that provinces shutting down quickly is better than waiting and hoping COVID-19 will go away.

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