I Tried Dairy Queen Poutine & This Is My Honest Opinion

Another fast food take on a Canadian classic.
I Tried Dairy Queen Poutine & This Is My Honest Opinion

In my mission to put various fast food poutines to the test, I recently tried Dairy Queen's poutine to see if the ice cream company nailed the classic Canadian cuisine. 

While I try to keep expectations low — after all, this dish is not what they're best known for — DQ actually surprised me with this one. Here's my honest opinion of it. 

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Dairy Queen Poutine Review

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At first glance, I wasn't impressed with this poutine. The cheese had all melted together and looked like it was just in one spot on the top. 

But then I went to pull it apart and this cheese pull really had me impressed. It just kept going! 

Of course, the most important part is the taste. 

DQ's fries aren't super crispy, but they have enough substance to support the gravy and cheese without getting all soggy.

The dish was just salty enough, melty, and honestly pretty good. I would have to say this is one of the best fast food poutines I have tried! 

What is the price of Dairy Queen's poutine in Canada? 

In my experience, DQ isn't the cheapest when it comes to fast food places — I mean, a blizzard will set you back a bit. 

While prices vary depending on your province and the tax, in Ontario, this poutine was listed on the menu for $5.79. 

Now the bigger question here is would I spend nearly $6 on this? 

I honestly probably would not.

While it was a solid serving, I feel like I could get more bang for my buck at DQ or I could spend just a bit more and get better poutine somewhere like Smokes for just a little bit more. 

However, DQ does have some coupons which meant I got it for just $2.99. So it's worth checking the app before you order. 

DQ Poutine Calories & Ingredients

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Given that the cheese was fully melted when this poutine got to me, I couldn't tell for certain whether it was made with curds or not. 

Fortunately, a quick trip to their website for some nutrition facts answers that question and a few more. 

The ingredients list for this item includes french fries (made from potatoes of course), brown gravy, and cheese curds. 

For anyone who is curious about other nutritional info, DQ's poutine's calories come in at 450 per serving. It also has 21 grams of fat and 59 grams of carbs. 

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