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This Canadian Life Insurance Company Will Give You A Free Quote In 15 Seconds

While no one enjoys thinking about needing life insurance, it's never a bad idea to be prepared with a plan.

Dropdead Life Insurance is a new service for Canadians where you can get covered for life insurance in less than 15 minutes online. 

According to the website, Dropdead has certain features that might be difficult to find in other companies, namely the fact that they let you create a will for free.

They're also associated with Assumption Life, a Canadian insurance company that's been around for more than 100 years. 

Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels

The service offers free insurance quotes that you can access after answering a handful of questions, like your date of birth and your coverage amount. 

After you respond, a quote will be generated almost instantly and provided as a cost per month estimate. You'll also have the opportunity to leave your email address for more information. 

The money earned from life insurance can be used in case something ever happens, and for things like children's education, as income replacement, to pay off a mortgage, an emergency fund, and other uses. 

Drop Dead Life Insurance

Price: Free for a quote. 

Details: Answer questions online to get a free insurance quote in 15 seconds. 
Not available in Quebec or New Brunswick

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