A man named Tracey McIvor just found out that he's Alberta's first vaccine lottery winner and he got a call from Premier Jason Kenney to celebrate.

Mclvor is a recently retired principal and thanks to his big win, he'd officially a millionaire. During their chat, he told Jason Kenney that he was on the golf course when he got the call to find out that he'd won.

He didn't answer the phone at first, but on the ninth hole, he phoned back and heard the exciting news. He said he was trying to "play it cool" because he was told not to say anything right away. So, he said he was just walking around "in a bit of a daze."

Mclvor is the first of what will be three vaccine lottery winners in Alberta. For the first draw, anyone who had received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine was qualified to enter. For the next two draws, you need two doses to qualify.

The winner thanked Jason Kenney for his leadership during the call and threw an honourable mention to Dr. Deena Hinshaw for being "a rock" throughout the pandemic.

Now that one winner is out of the way, you better throw your name in the hat for the next two draws.