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Albertans Can Buy Oilers 50/50 Tickets For Tonight's Game & The Last Jackpot Was Over $3M

They think the prize will be over $1.5 million.
Edmonton Oilers 50/50 Draw To Be Held Again Tonight & The Last Jackpot Was Over $3M
Staff Writer

You may want to test your luck today in the Edmonton Oilers 50/50 draw. A draw will be held during the Wednesday, August 5 game and last time, the jackpot was over $3 million, meaning the winner took home over $1.5 million. Just think about all the things you could do with that money. 

Now that hockey is back on, so is 50/50. If you're not familiar with 50/50 raffles, the idea is that you buy tickets and the winning number gets half of the money earned through ticket sales and the other half goes to either charity or the organization. 

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The Edmonton Oilers will be playing the Chicago Blackhawks in Edmonton tonight. Raffle ticket sales have already opened and the winning number will be announced tonight. 

Fans across Alberta are invited to buy tickets. 

Those for tonight's draw are on sale on the NHL website and will be available for purchase until 10:30 p.m. 

Once a winning ticket is drawn, it'll be posted on the website and social media at around 11:30 p.m. 

The lucky person will have until three business days after the time of the announcement to claim the prize. 

If it isn't claimed before the expiry date, it'll be added to one or multiple prize pools. 

Prices depend on how many you buy but naturally, the more you purchase, the more you save. 

One ticket will cost you $5, 10 will come to $10, 60 will be $20 and 200 tickets will be $50. 

In order to play, you must be in Alberta and at least 18 years old. 

According to CTV News, the average jackpot for last year's Oilers games was $87,688. 

The Oilers Foundation is estimating that tonights 50/50 raffle will result in a win over $1.5 million. 

Due to the hype of it all, processing of credit card information when purchasing your online ticket may be slow, so you might have to be patient. 

The good news is that this isn’t a one-off but rather, every time the Edmonton team plays, a 50/50 will be held.

People in Alberta have been having some serious luck lately so maybe some of it will wear off on you.

Just think of that new luxury home you could purchase. 

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