A Nurse Calls Out An 'Anti-Vaxxer' Who Led A Rally Weeks After She Gave Him His Second Dose

She claims he told her: "Thousands will care if they find out."

Western Canada Editor
A Nurse Calls Out An 'Anti-Vaxxer' Who Led A Rally Weeks After She Gave Him His Second Dose

A nurse who has worked in COVID-19 wards and now administers vaccines is sharing a recent experience with a man she claims leads anti-vaccine rallies.

The nurse, who wanted to remain anonymous on her Edmonton Reddit post, said that while giving out second doses, she encountered a man who "was adamant the vaccine was deadly."

She said that despite the man's concerns about the vaccine, he still wanted to receive his second dose, because it "was being forced upon him."

She added: "I didn't ask questions though. I just let him rant. He then kept asking about his medical information being private and I assured him it was.

"I was sure that nobody cared about him being vaccinated to which he replied 'thousands will care if they find out.' He was very dramatic and trying hard to pique my interest."

Weeks later, the nurse said she was alerted by a friend to videos posted on social media from an anti-vaccination rally.

She said she recognized the man leading the rally as the same man she had recently given a second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to.

She added: "The rest of the evening I watched him. He uses a pseudonym but it was 100% him. Not only does he claim he is anti-vaccine, but he actually shames others for getting vaccinated.

"The things he says are quite honestly, vile. And he seems to have a fairly large following… all I know is that he is double vaccinated and I was the one who administered the second shot."

Daniel Milligan
Western Canada Editor
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