This year's Stanley Cup win was very Canadian despite no Canadian teams actually playing in the final.

How did Canada manage to make the Stanely cup win all about us?

Well, it helps that half of the Tampa Bay Lighting team hail from the north and the game was won in one of the two Canadian cities that hosted the NHL's comeback.  

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14 Canadians play for the Tampa Bay Lightning

This might come as a surprise for many, but 14 out of the 28 players on the champion team are actually fellow Canucks.

With many of the team hailing from coast-to-coast in Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Nova Scotia.  

The Lighting also took home their 2-0 victory and defeated the Dallas Stars at the Rogers Center in Edmonton.

The successful hockey season is now officially behind us despite earlier concerns following the global pandemic and the NHL's return tied in with earlier reports of Leaf's star Auston Matthews testing positive for COVID-19.