Elon Musk Just Got Fact-Checked By Twitter's Own Tool After Blaming Others For His Mess

"Dude, you own the site."

Elon Musk.
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Elon Musk.

The folks at Twitter are having a hard time as roughly half of them face layoffs, but no one was complaining louder than new boss Elon Musk on Friday.

Musk seemed to lose his cool with a rambling tweet that blamed "activist groups" for a "massive" drop in revenue since he took over. However, users didn't wait long before they used the platform's own fact-checking tool to correct the guy who now owns it.

"Twitter has had a massive drop in revenue, due to activist groups pressuring advisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists," Musk tweeted on Friday morning.

"Extremely messed up! They're trying to destroy free speech in America."

Users responded by adding three fact-checking links to the story from the Wall Street Journal, MSN and the Daily Mail. All three links list several major brands who have temporarily stopped buying ads on Twitter because they're worried that it won't be a "safe" spot for them under Musk.

The fact-check wasn't visible to all users, but many who saw it took screenshots amid fears that Musk would soon have it removed.

Musk has spooked many on the platform with his plans to push "free speech" by loosening up its rules, and with his new scheme to charge $8 per month for Twitter's verification checkmarks. He also tweeted and deleted a baseless conspiracy theory in his first few days, picked several fights with public figures and adjusted his Twitter pricing plan when Stephen King called him out.

With many complaining about the changes, refusing to pay his fee or straight-up leaving the platform, Elon seems to be feeling the heat.

His critics were quick to laugh at him Friday after seeing him get played by his own social media platform.

"I'm dying," wrote one user. "Elon hit with a fact check by the app he just dropped $44B on."

"Nobody trusts you, and you've done less than nothing to try to earn anyone's trust," another tweeted at him.

"First thing you did as Twitter CEO was amplify a false conspiracy theory. Advertisers see the writing on the wall."

"Dude, you own the site... so own it," wrote another user in a retweet. "You got what you wanted. You're the one who will decide Twitter's future or whether it has a future (...) Capitalism, right?"

Twitter began laying off an estimated 3,700 workers, or about half of its staff on Friday, just over a week after Musk took over and promised to overhaul the company.

He's definitely moving fast and breaking stuff, but will he make it better in the end?

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