If you've been writing to Santa to deliver a white Christmas your wishes have been answered according to a Canadian climate expert. 

That's right, many Canadians can reportedly look forward to a super snowy December 25th as multiple regions are expecting some wintery weather.   

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Of Canadian regions could see a white Christmas

Environment Canada's senior climatologist Dave Phillips told CTV News that for it to be considered a white Christmas there has to be at least two centimetres of snow present. 

And what a present it is! Some Canadians are in luck because the majority of regions are expected to still see snow in the next two weeks.

Per the report, Phillips said regions like B.C., the Prairies, northern Ontario, some parts of the Ottawa Valley, the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and eastern Quebec, northwestern New Brunswick, and from Labrador to Gander, N.L., have the biggest chance at a white Christmas.

“I would say that probably right now it's looking like about 80 per cent of Canada looks like it has snow for a white Christmas, 80 per cent of the geography, but clearly not 80 per cent of the people,” he said.

Still, Phillips admits that when it comes to the True North you can never really promise anything as Canada has proven over the years that the weather has a mind of its own. 

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