At the beginning of the pandemic, a number of businesses pivoted their models to start producing hand sanitizer. 

A couple of months later, Health Canada started a hand sanitizer recall for some brands due to health concerns. 

As of Tuesday, October 13, five more have been added to the recall list

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Certain hand sanitizers are being recalled because they either contain ingredients that are not permitted by Health Canada or are not properly labelled and are missing important information.

Health Canada

The five new Canadian sanitizers being recalled include ones made my Last Best Brewing and Distilling, Rocky Mountain Soap Company, Praire Potions, and two by Sanix. 

The reasoning ranges from containing "unacceptable" ingredients to "missing risk statements."

The brands join an extensive list of others that have accumulated since June. 

It might be a good idea to check the brand and title of your personal stash before your next application. 

Stay safe and always check official government sites for information. 

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