Canadians have relied on services like Netflix and Amazon throughout the pandemic, and Jagmeet Singh thinks the online giants should be paying their fair share.

During an October 8 press conference, the NDP leader said that his party is proposing a temporary tax on excess profits.

He added that the country has done something like this before during wartime, when there were concerns about profiteering.

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We know there are massive profits enjoyed by certain companies. They need to pay their fair share.

Jagmeet Singh

"The ultra-wealthy should be the ones that pay for this pandemic, that pay for the recovery," Singh said, "not you, not families, not those that are struggling."

He mentioned Amazon by name in his press conference, saying that the company's profits had increased by almost $100 billion since March of this year.

The NDP leader went after Netflix in a tweet from October 9, saying that corporations like the streaming service pay $0 in taxes.

"Why? Because Justin Trudeau won't do the right thing," Singh wrote, "Join me in calling on Justin Trudeau to end pandemic profiteering.'

He also included an article about Netflix raising its monthly prices in Canada.

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