Widespread butt-dialling is sweeping through the province and Ontario police are asking us all to stop.

Guelph Police reported on Wednesday that they've received 182 accidental or silent calls to 911 in the last five days.

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The bumpy start to 2021 has police asking people to lock their phones to prevent misdials.

Guelph residents have also been asked to stay on the line to tell communicators what happened if they do slip up.

If a caller fails to do so, operators are forced to track them down and waste valuable police resources.

So, let's all make our New Year's resolution to lock our phones this year. 

A similar statement was issued by Wellington County OPP in 2019 after they received nearly 2,000 accidental 911 calls in a year.

1,965 of those calls required an officer to be dispatched

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