NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh announced today that his party and the Liberals had reached an agreement on Canada's paid sick leave policy.

During a September 25 press conference, Singh confirmed that both parties had reached a consensus after negotiations.

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The proposed legislation will include paid sick leave that will help millions of Canadians.

Jagmeet Singh

The NDP leader noted that due to parliamentary privilege, he could not disclose specifics of the deal, except to say that the new legislation would help millions of Canadians rather than just thousands.

Singh also said that the negotiations kept the Liberals from cutting the Canada Recovery Benefit, keeping it at $500 a week rather than $400.

Liberal House Leader Pablo Rodriquez confirmed in a tweet that the parties had reached an agreement, though he did not offer any specific details.

Following the speech from the throne, Singh had said that these two demands would need to be met for the Liberal party to earn support from the NDP.

During the press conference, he noted that as long as all the same elements are in the bill when it reaches parliament, then they will support the throne speech.

This would mean that the country could avoid heading into a fall election due to a non-confidence vote.

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