Canadians across the country can probably agree that it’s been a strange year and it seems the cast of Schitt’s Creek feels no differently.

In a tweet posted on December 28, the show’s official page shared a video recapping our emotions on every month of 2020 and it’s actually hilariously accurate!

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Per the clip, January started with positivity and partying, with many of us totally oblivious as to what was to come this year.

By March, Moira Rose is cautiously optimistic, as she says “One must champion one's self and say ‘I am ready for this…’”

In September, she can be seen “just marinating in memories” as most of us felt after a summer of cancelled plans.

Like most of us, by November, Stevie simply asks “What the flying f*ck is going on here?”

While 2020 has definitely been a challenging year for the majority of people, it’s not all been bad news.

In September, the cast and crew of Schitt’s Creek swept the Emmys and took home awards in all seven comedy categories.

To celebrate the historic Canadian achievement, the CN Tower in Toronto was lit up in gold.

Moira Rose, otherwise known as Catherine O’Hara, cheered up people across the globe this season too, when many realized for the first time that she also plays the mom in Home Alone!

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