Calling all Dunder Mifflin fans! When it comes to The Office, Netflix Canada has your back. The beloved comedy series is sticking around and that means you can still watch it as much as your heart desires.

The streaming service confirmed to Narcity on New Year's Day that the show will remain available on the platform in Canada, despite it leaving the U.S. version.

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It was initially thought that The Office would be saying goodbye to Canada, after Netflix U.S. announced in June 2019 that the entire series was moving to NBC's streaming service in January 2021.

So, many were expecting to wake up on January 1 and no longer being able to watch the show on Netflix.

However, that wasn't the case though and it caused a lot of excitement!

While Netflix Canada didn't give a reason for the show not leaving, it might be because Peacock, NBC's streaming service, is only available in the U.S.

It's not known how long the series will stay available, however.

While The Office is officially sticking around, the Canadian version of the streaming site recently said goodbye to another popular show when Friends moved to Crave on December 31.

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