The premier had a strong message for the protesters who flooded his street after travelling from Adamson Barbecue last week.

Doug Ford called the group a "bunch of buffoons" during his media briefing on Friday afternoon.

He said that he felt terrible that his neighbours had to suffer, even though they "do not make decisions for the government."

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There's an unwritten rule in Canada that you don't go after people's family or their neighbours.

Doug Ford

The premier says they should aim their words and actions only at him.

"You wanna come at me? Come at me!" said Ford.

He apologized to his neighbours, who he says are being threatened and intimidated.

He told protesters that they will not affect his decision-making process and that, more often than not, he isn't home, so he doesn't witness the demonstrations.

After protesting at Adamson Barbecue, some of the participants urged the crowd to move on to Doug Ford's home, announcing his address multiple times.

Approximately an hour later, there was a crowd of people protesting outside of his house.

The crowd rallied against the closure of Adam Skelly's restaurant, his subsequent arrest, and the charges laid against him.

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