It looks like the cat does come back. One feline was reunited with its owners after going missing 10 years prior. 

The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth shared on January 8 that a missing Ontario cat was finally back home. 

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According to a Facebook post, Cuddly was last seen by his owners about a decade ago. 

However, thanks to a microchip that was implanted into the feline, he didn't stay missing forever. 

The society announced that earlier this week the little creature was found alone in a field in the Woolwich Township.

After the chip was run through the society's system, his owners were quickly contacted and reunited with their long, lost friend. 

While this story does have a happy ending, what Cuddly was doing over the decade is still unknown. 

It seems that the cat's adventures will just remain a secret. 

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