At 16 years old you probably weren't the owner of your own clothing brand with a clientele of famous Hollywood actors and Canada's most favourite Santa Clause, right?

Well, one Ontario teen beat all the odds as he managed to snag supporters from not only the True North but even south of the border. 

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I’d love to get Drake. It would mean a lot because we’re both from Canada.

Tyrell Harris

Tyrell Harris, who resides in Shelburne, Ontario, is the owner of his very own clothing line called OOFII.

It only launched early this year and has already garnered some high-level clients, he shared in an interview with CBC.

One big name is American actor Jason Mitchell, who is well known for his role as Eazy-E in the movie Straight Outta Compton. 

Another supporter is Fashion Santa. Not only is he a household name in Canada but Mr. Clause is super stylish so his stamp of approval doesn't hurt.

He posted a photo to Instagram with the caption "Check out this @oof.ii hoodie my good friend Tyrell set me up with."

Next on his bucket list is decking out October's very own in his clothing.

"I’d love to get Drake. It would mean a lot because we’re both from Canada,” he said.

Not bad for 16 years of age, eh!

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