With holidays just around the corner, some Ontario university students can expect their winter vacation to last a little longer than normal. 

The University of Toronto, Western, McMaster, and Laurentian have all announced that they will be extending the Christmas break this year. 

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We want to make sure that you’re able to rest and recharge and to make the most of the upcoming holiday break.

Meric Gertler, President of University Of Toronto

According to the Varsity,  first-entry undergraduate courses will now resume at U of T on January 11 instead of January 4.

Meanwhile, Alan Shepard, The president of Western, confirmed that the school's winter semester would also be delayed by a week. 

McMaster also announced the students would get some extra holiday time. 

"The delay also gives students time to recharge and those who went home for their Christmas break the chance to isolate for an additional week to help limit any potential COVID-19 cases," wrote the press release. 

So students can hopefully rest up this winter, knowing that they now have some extra chill time. 

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